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All condensed information. You do not want to separate yourself from her. We will be connected and offering your topics of interest, for development in each new stage of our lives, and with excellent support.

we are your compass!

Training / jobs

Information about training and professional improvement courses to boost your career or entrepreneurship, as well as employment opportunities.


We help you locate free or low cost health centers.


Information about the laws and rules of coexistence in the United States to complete your immigration process.


DInner Comunidad Venezuela

Sign up! every month, we hold a dinner for the members of Comunidad Venezuela. We share this meal with the birthday children, as a moment to exchange our experiences

kids birthday

Register your children to celebrate their birthday for free, all community members venezuela have this wonderful benefit.


Do your children need to be vaccinated? Sign up to send you a certificate and you can take them to receive the vaccines they require at no cost.


Comunidad Venezuela personalmente me ha ayudado mucho a nivel laboral, medicina y ah obtener información. Me ayudo mucho a com enzar desde cero en este pais, la comunidad me brindo una mano amiga donando algunas cosas para mi hogar y sobre todo la ayuda personal que me han brindado

Karla Pulgar

Estoy muy agradecida con Comunidad Venezuela por que en ese grupo he encontrado una guía de información para los Venezolanos que no teníamos, espero que esta comunidad continué creciendo para beneficiar mas Venezolanos en todo el país.

Karla Pirela

What we made

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Humanitarian Channel

Signing the notification of the Constitutional Shelter: Opening of the Humanitarian Channel SC-2017-003

Notification of the Constitutional Protection received by Dr Luis Almagro. March 12, 2018




We are part of the logistical support, coordination and delivery of Humanitarian Aid.

If you want to be a Volunteer and part of the coalition network of Humanitarian Aid, send your information.

We must unify the efforts to solve the




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“We enjoy sharing with our members; we do not know everything, but everyone knows something”


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